Ancient Mounds, A guide to public earthen mounds, Earthworks, cliff dwellings, pueblos, petroglyphs, caves, stone chambers, rock art, and ancient sites of North America. Ancient Mounds are found all over the world. Sites listed by state, with maps and information on artifacts unearthed at each site.  Articles on Ancient People and Places.  History of Prehistoric Peoples Including The Hopewell, Fort Ancient, Phoenician, Anasazi, Vikings, Welsh, Irish, and more.  Learn about places to visit to see Ancient History.




793 AD- Vikings sack Lindisfarm North Umbria 

1350 AD-  Mangum Mound

1490 AD-  DaVinci Paints The Last Supper

358  AD-  Emperor Constantius II outlaws all forms of magic

​Global Perpective Timeline

1000 AD -Vikings Settle Lanse Aux Meadows 

350 AD- Kolomoki Mounds, GA

1620 AD  Mayflower Arrives at Plymouth Rock

1539 AD - De Soto's boats arrive in Florida

1493 AD- Fall of Byzantine Empire

800 AD-  Charlemagne King of the Franks becomes First Holy Roman Emperor.

900 AD -Chaco Canyon, NM

64 AD -  Nero burns Rome

986 AD - Greenland settled by Erik the red

1427 AD-  Aztec Triple Alliance Founded

1100 AD -Easter Island

541 AD- First Recorded Bubonic Plague

1 AD          -  Fort Ancient, OH

30 BC        -  Death of Cleopatra

55 BC           Roman Invasion of Britain

100 BC      - Teotihuacan, Mexico

                     -Bynum Mounds, MS

200 BC      -  Hopewell Culture, OH

300 BC      - Library of Alexandria

332 BC       - Fall of Phoenicia

334 BC      -  Alexander The Great  invades Persian Empire

753 BC       - Rome Founded by Romulus

776 BC       -First Olympic Games

813 BC       -Carthage founded by Phoenician Queen

1500 BC    - Phoenicia Maritime Trading Culture

                    -Olmec Culture 

1650 BC     - Poverty Point, LA

1700 BC    - Mesopotamia under Babylonian Rule

2000 BC  - America's Stonehenge, NH                
                   - Knowth, Ireland
                   - Mayan Civilization

2500 BC   - New Grange, Ireland

                   - Canaan

2700 BC   -  Minoan Culture

3000 BC -  Stonehenge, England 

3100 BC-    Earliest Sumerian Cuniform writing at Jemdet Nasr

3200 BC-    Greek Cycladic Civilzation in Aegean Sea

3500 BC-    Sechin Bajo, Peru

3500 BC-    Gavrnis, France

3600 BC-    Malta

4500 BC-    Carnac Stones, Brittany, France

4800 BC -   Barnenez France

4900 BC -   Goseck Circle Germany

6000 BC-    Almendre Cromlech,  Portugal

8,500 BC-   Tell Qarqur Mound in Syria

9000 BC     Suggested time for Atlantis according to Plato in Timeaus and Critias.

10,000 BC -Gobeklitepe, Turkey

1120 AD-  Knights of Templar

1350 AD- Ocmulgee, GA

Dating is approximate

313 AD-  Emperor Constantine Legalizes Christianity

700 AD- Chichen Itza, Mexico

1431 AD-  Joan of Arc burnt for Heresy & Sorcery

428 AD  -Plato

800 AD - Spiro Mounds, OK

1928 AD- Penicillin was discovered

1905 AD-  Einstein Published Annus Mirabili Papers

1776 AD- Declaration of American Independence from Britain

1348-50  AD-  Black Death in Europe

500 AD-  End of Hopewell Culture

600 AD- Cahokia

1066 AD - Normans Invade England

1492 AD- Columbus sails to North America

432 AD-  St Patricks Mission in  Ireland