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The Kensington Runestone


“Eight Goths and twenty-two Norwegians upon a journey of discovery from Vineland westward.  We had a camp by two skerries one day.  When we retuned home we found ten men red with blood and dead. <Read More>

Graves of the Viking Stone Age
Stone Age graves in Present Scandinavia can be classified into four groups: The Cromlech or Dolmen, Passage or Gallery Graves, Free Standing Stone Coffins, Stone Coffins covered by a Mound.  <Read More>

In the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky a mummy of a female was preserved perfectly. Her hair was cut short and a dark red color and she was above average height at 5′10, with perfect teeth and a light complexion.  By her side was a sack made of the bark from a Linden Tree, inside was “one cap of woven or knit bark; seven head-dresses made of the quills of birds, so put together that when places upon the head the quilled ends would bind the head while the feathered ends would expand like an umbrella and make a showy head-dress; hundreds of seeds of a dark color strung together like beads, a number of the red hoofs of the fawn, strung together into a necklace; the claw of an eagle, with a string through it so it could be worn as a pendant; the jaw of a bear, seemingly designed to be worn also as a pendant; the skins of two rattlesnakes, with fourteen rattles still upon one of them; a quantity of coloring matter dolor up in leaves; a small bunch of threads or strongs made of the sinews of the deer; a number of needles made of bones, and two whistles of cane.”(Durrett 82)

The mummy was found by two miners in a recess called Gothic Avenue.  The arms were folded and around the wrists was a small cord.  Around the body were  two deer skins.  “The skins were ornamented with the imprint of vines and leaves, which were sketched with a substance perfectly white.  In it’s texture and appearance. it resembled the South Sea Islands cloth or matting.”(Fitz 52)

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