America discovered by the Welsh in 1170 A.D. / by Rev. Benjamin F. Bowen, Benjamin Franklin.
Published 1876

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Published 1986

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The antiquities of Tennessee and the adjacent states, and the state of aboriginal society in the scale of civilization represented by them; a series of historical and ethnological studies, by Gates P. Thruston, Gates Phillips, 1835-1912.
Published 1890

Beginnings or Glimpses of vanished civilizations, by Marion McMurrough Mulhall, Marion McMurrough, Mrs.
Published 1911

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Published 1922

The Cahokia mound group and its village site Titterington, Paul Francis, 1895-1969.
Published 1938

Catalogue of prehistoric works east of the Rocky Mountains, by Cyrus Thomas, Cyrus, 1825-1910.
Published 1891

The Danish collection: prehistoric period. Guide for Nationalmuseet (Denmark)
Published 1908

The dolmens of Ireland, their distribution, structural characteristics, and affinities in other countries; together with the folk-lore attaching to them; supplemented by considerations on the anthropology, ethnology, and traditions of the Irish people. With four maps, and eight hundred illustrations, including two coloured plates. By William Copeland Borlase ... v.1 (1897)by Borlase, William Copeland, 1848-1899.
Published 1897

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Published 1911

The first settlers of the western continent, Japanese refugees from the sunken continent of Pan, erroneously called "Atlantis" : the mystery surrounding the Pre-Columbian period of our Nation's history, traced back to so-called Noah's flood / by Henry S. Tanner. c.1by Tanner, Henry S.
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The Icelandic discoverers of America; or honour to whom honour is due. ---by Brown, M. A.
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The Indian and Antiquities of America / by Barnard Shipp, Barnard, 1813-
Published 1897

Investigations in Russell Cave; Russell Cave National Monument, Alabama, by John W. Griffin, in collaboration with John Earl Ingmanson, and with contributions by John T. Hack [and others]by Griffin, John W.
Published 1974

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The Kensington runestone; illustrated. [By] Skog, Carl E.
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Myvyrian archaiology: the pre-Columbian voyages of the Welsh to America ... By B.F. De DeCosta, B. F. 1831-1904.
Published 1891

The Norse discovery of America : a compilation in extenso of all the sagas, manuscripts, and inscriptive memorials relating to the finding and settlement of the New world in the eleventh century. With presentations of freshly discovered proofs, in the form of church records supplied by the Vatican of Rome, never before published / Translations and deductions by Arthur Middleton Reeves, North Ludlow Beamish, Rasmus B. Anderson ; Rasmus B. Anderson, editor in chief ; J. W. Buel, managing editor.Published 1911

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Prehistoric implements. A reference book. A description of the ornaments, utensils, and implements of pre-Columbian man in America. By Warren K. Moorehead, assisted by Professor G. H. Perkins, Mr. A. F. Berlin [and others] 621 figures, showing 3,000 Moorehead, Warren King, 1866-1939.
Published 1900

Priced catalogue of a remarkable collection of scarce and out-of-print books relating to the discovery, settlement, and history of the western hemisphere : comprising early voyages of discovery ; pre-Columbian and Columbian ; first settlement of the colonies ; French and the Indian War ; the Revolution ; Washingtoniana ; War of 1812 ; War with Mexico ; civil and political history of the United States ; rare state, county and town local histories of every state and territory ; biographies of eminent men ; an unusual collection of family histories and genealogies ; the American Indians, their antiquities, ethnology, history, wars, and languages ; Arctic voyages of discovery ; British America, Canada ; Mexico ; Central and South America and the West Indian Francis P. Harper (Firm)
Published 1903

 The Problem of the Ohio Mounds. by Thomas, Cyrus. Washington: U.S. Govt. print. off., 1889.

Queen M'oo and the Egyptian sphinx, by Augustus Le Plongeon  1908.

The races of Ireland and Scotland, by W.C. Mackenzie ... Mackenzie, W. C. (William Cook), 1862-1952.

Records of ancient races in the Mississippi Valley; being an account of some of the pictographs, sculptured hieroglyphs, symbolic devices, emblems and traditions of the prehistoric races of America, with some suggestions as to their origin. By Wm. McAdams. 1887

The ruins of Great Ireland in New England by William B. Goodwin; engineering and photography by Malcolm D. Pearson, black and white drawings by Professor Vincent T. Goodwin, William Brownell, 1866-
Published 1946

The Serpent mound, Adams County, Ohio. Mystery of the mound and history of the serpent. Various theories of the effigy mounds and the mound builders. By E.O. Randall, E. O. 1850-1919.
Published 1907

The serpent symbol, and the worship of the reciprocal principles of nature in America. By E. G. Squier. by Squier, E. G. 1821-1888. Published 1851

The shadow of Atlantis, by Colonel A. Braghine. With 25 Braghine, Alexander Pavlovitch, 1878-
Published 1940

Some aboriginal sites in Louisiana and in Arkansas: Atchafalaya River, Lake Larto, Tensas River, Bayou Maçon, Bayou D'Arbonne, in Louisiana; Saline River, in Arkansas; by Clarance B. Moore. A report on a collection of crania and bones from Sorrel Bayou, Iberville Parish, Louisiana, by Dr. A. Hrdlička Moore, Clarence B. 1852-1936.
Published 1913

Some pre-Columbian discoveries of America. By George Rogers Howell. Read before the Albany institute, June, Howell, George Rogers, 1833-1899.
Published 1893

Switzler's Illustrated History of Missouri, from 1541 to 1881.  Published 1881.

Traditions of the earliest visits of foreigners to North America, the first formed and first inhabited of the continents, by Reuben T. Durrett.
Main Author: Durrett, Reuben T. 1824-1913.

The vanished empire, a tale of the Mound builders. By Waldo H. Dunn, with an introduction by J. P. MacLeanby Dunn, Waldo Hilary, 1882-1969.
Published 1904

Vinland and its ruins. Some of the evidence that Northmen were in Massachusetts in pre-Columbian days. By Cornelia Horsford, Cornelia, 1861-
Published 1899

The Viking Age : The Early History, Manners, and Customs of the Ancestors of the English-speaking nations / by Paul B. Du Chaillu. v.1by Du Chaillu, Paul B. 1835-1903.
Published 1890

The Viking Age : The Early History, Manners, and Customs of the Ancestors of the English-speaking nations / by Paul B. Du Chaillu. v.2by Du Chaillu, Paul B. 1835-1903.
Published 1890

Ancient Mounds, A guide to public earthen mounds, Earthworks, cliff dwellings, pueblos, petroglyphs, caves, stone chambers, rock art, and ancient sites of North America. Ancient Mounds are found all over the world. Sites listed by state, with maps and information on artifacts unearthed at each site.  Articles on Ancient People and Places.  History of Prehistoric Peoples Including The Hopewell, Fort Ancient, Phoenician, Anasazi, Vikings, Welsh, Irish, and more.  Learn about places to visit to see Ancient History.




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