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Graves of the Viking Stone Age

Stone Age graves in Present Scandinavia can be classified into four groups: The Cromlech or Dolmen, Passage or Gallery Graves, Free Standing Stone Coffins, Stone Coffins covered by a Mound.  <Read More>

The kensington Runestone


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“Eight Goths and twenty-two Norwegians upon a journey of discovery from Vineland westward.  We had a camp by two skerries one day.  When we retuned home we found ten men red with blood and dead.  A.V.M.  Save us from Evil.  Have ten men by the sea to look after our vessel fourteen days’ journey from this island.  Year 1362.”

In 1898 a Swede farmer was taking out a few stumps on a small hill when he found the stone imbedded in the roots of a poplar tree.  Other relics have been found in several areas nearby where the stone was found. 

2 Battle Axes dating to the 14th century found within 15 miles of the stone.
Double-barred silver cross
Spear Head
Ancient Iron key

In 1924 the hull of an ancient Viking boat was found at Grant’s Lake in Douglas County.  It was found just a few miles from where the Kensington Runestone was found.  The boat had deteriorated, and when exposed to air it crumbled.  Another viking boat was found on Christine Lake in the northern part of Douglas county.

Source:The Kensington runestone; illustrated. [By] Skog. Skog, Carl E.

Inside the Ancient Mounds

Pictures of Inside Excavated Mounds


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