Phoenician North America
“The Algankinese are the most influential and commanding people in the whole of North America.  Their Name in Irish indicates as much, viz. algan-kine, or kine -algan, a noble community, corresponding to the Phoenician words  <Read More>

Graves of the Viking Stone Age


Stone Age graves in Present Scandinavia can be classified into four groups: The Cromlech or Dolmen, Passage or Gallery Graves, Free Standing Stone Coffins, Stone Coffins covered by a Mound.  <Read More>

The Graves of the Hopewell
The graves of the Hopewell Mound Group are elaborate and contain both cremation and burial.  Copper is consistently found as well as large quantities of<Read More>

Inside the Ancient Mounds

Pictures of Inside Excavated Mounds

The Mammoth Cave Mummy
In the Mammoth Cave of Kentucky a mummy of a female was preserved perfectly. Her hair was cut short and a dark red color and she was above average height at 5′10, with perfect teeth and a light complexion.  By her side was a sack made of the bark from a Linden Tree, inside was <Read More>

Winter Solstice

Ancient Sites to celebrate the Winter Solstice

Fort Ancient

The walls of Fort Ancient are built with earth, and in some places limestone was used to hold the earth in place.  The earthen walls enclose about one twenty-six hundred acres and vary from four feet to twenty-three feet, and they follow <Read More>

The Kensington Runestone
“Eight Goths and twenty-two Norwegians upon a journey of discovery from Vineland westward.  We had a camp by two skerries one day.  When we retuned home we found ten men red with blood and dead. <Read More>

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