Mounds are found all over the world.  They are known as Tumuli, Barrows, Burial Mounds, Hügelgrabs, & Kurgans.

​In Germany there are several ancient mounds, the earliest was erected as early as 6500 BC.  In France the Saint-Michel de Carnac tumulus was built between 5000BC and 3400 BC and the Bougon tumuli from 4,500 to 3,000 BC.

Denmark has about 20,000 preserved tumuli,  The Island of Møn in Southern Denmark has many ancient mounds and earthworks some dating to 4000 BC.

 The Royal Mounds of Gamla Uppsala located in Sweden are dated to around 650AD.  In the​ Ynglinga Saga,  Odin is described as an accomplished military leader who conquered many lands with a ship that could travel over great seas.  He was also called the Lord of the Mounds.  The saga describes that mounds should be erected for great men, "For men of consequence a mound should be raised to their memory, and for all other warriors who had been distinguished for manhood a standing stone."

Mound Building is truly ancient and prolific spanning many cultures and continents. It is clear the ancient cultures in America are comparable to the greatest civilizations in history. Where the mound building culture began is difficult to decipher, many are no longer standing.  Several of the the mounds in America have been leveled for farm land and modern urban expansion.  

Poverty Point, LA

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Pinson Mounds

Mounds of history

Graves of the Viking Stone Age


Stone Age graves in Present Scandinavia can be classified into four groups: The Cromlech or Dolmen, Passage or Gallery Graves, Free Standing Stone Coffins, Stone Coffins covered by a Mound.  <Read More>

Inside the Ancient Mounds

Pictures of Inside Excavated Mounds

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