The Cliff dwellers of the Mesa Verde / G. Nordenskiöld.Nordenskiöld, Gustaf, 1868-1895.

Chaco Culture National Park


Ancient Mounds, A guide to public earthen mounds, Earthworks, cliff dwellings, pueblos, petroglyphs, caves, stone chambers, rock art, and ancient sites of North America. Ancient Mounds are found all over the world. Sites listed by state, with maps and information on artifacts unearthed at each site.  Articles on Ancient People and Places.  History of Prehistoric Peoples Including The Hopewell, Fort Ancient, Phoenician, Anasazi, Vikings, Welsh, Irish, and more.  Learn about places to visit to see Ancient History.


New Mexico

In New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah there are numerous ruins divided into two distinct groups: Ruins in the valleys, plains, & Plateaus and Ruins in Caves and walls of Canyons.

Mesa Verde, Arizona was inhabited from 600 AD to 1300AD.  The National Park includes 600 cliff dwellings.

Chaco Canyon in New Mexico was a major center for the ancestral Pueblo people between 850 AD and 1250 AD.  This UNESCO site 

Ancient Culture of America's Southwest

Cliff Dwellings & Rock Art

Chaco Canyon, NM