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Earthworks of the ohio valley

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Enigmatic earthworks show a glimpse into an impressive advanced ancient culture in Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee & Kentucky.  These sites are some of the most fascinating in all of America.  They span acres and are always found near the river.  They are impossible to capture with a camera.

The Great Serpent Mound in Ohio is an impressive site.  It is 1,348 feet long and 3 feet tall with alignments to solstices within its curves and head.  Dating is approximate on the site at 1100 A.D. but it could be as old as 321 BC.  There are other serpent mounds found around the world, Loch Nell in Scotland and Rotherwas (destroyed) in Britain.

Fort Ancient has over 100 acres of mounds and earthen walls.  Over 40,000 artifacts were found in the area including a stone ax weighing two hundred and thirty-five pounds.  The Museum is a fantastic way to learn more about the Ohio River Valley Earthworks.

Hopewell Culture National Park has a mysterious vibe, with several mounds enclosed by an earthen wall.  One of the mounds had 200 broken effigy pipes.  Inside the visitor center are obsidian blades and intricate copper Axes, pendants, ornaments, curved objects,  plates & horns.  

Newark Earthworks is comprised of the Large Circle, a square enclosure, and the octagon with a connected circle.   The Octagon Earthworks are astronomically aligned with the moon on an 18.6 year long cycle.  Similar Earthworks are found in  Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, the Brazilian Amazon, and Goseck Circle in Germany.






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